Not Solved [How To?] DB Query help - Mass Move Users
Not Solved
Hi there! Can anyone help me find some queries so I can do the following?
  1. Move anyone with 15 posts or more in group ID 4 to group ID 44. Primary group only and display. - Promotions doesn't move past 5120 people. 
  2. Remove group 4 from anyone's additional/secondary group
  3. Recount User Statistics in Member Groups, as we seem to have a ghost "40,000" members if at all possible. 
Not Solved
1 UPDATE xxx_users SET usergroup = 44, displaygroup = 0 WHERE postnum > 14

2 UPDATE xxx_users SET additionalgroups = '' WHERE additionalgroups = '4'
but it will not work for thous who have more than 1 additional group. It is trickier. I'd do it with simple php script.

3 If it is cached, it should recount every time you add/remove user

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