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[Paid] GFX Designer
I currently require help from a GFX Designer, which I am prepared to pay - this could lead to regular work - PM me for more details.

This job - Outline.

I had a site designed many years ago, in the process some of the themes elements was designed into the background. I have a copy of many aspects of the design, yet I do not have a copy of the background without some of these elements such as the menu or main container. I don't understand why this was the case, yet it is what it is.

The theme was actually designed for a CMS which I no longer use.

So, I am seeking someone who can replicate the background.

I am willing to pay - I'll respond below or via PM.

PS. This may lead to further work, as I do seek help with various things and prefer to work with trusted parties.
PM me with more details regarding this, I should be able to complete it swiftly.
you can use the new theme, rather than repair it.
Typically as: oneshoot
Expo - Fully Responsive For MyBB 1.8

Only $25
Lavaskins - It's a great design and I'm sure it will sell very well, which I wish you well. Yet I do not need a theme.

I require a new background, designed similar or near-as the one it replaces.

Wage, are you still able to take this on?

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