Discuss: MyBB 1.2.6 Released
Tikitiki Wrote:
Dr Small Wrote:
Tikitiki Wrote:
Dr Small Wrote:How did you find out about this exploit?
Dr Small

5 People PM'ed me and a thread about it was moved into the staff room too.
Okay. That's fair enough. Where did they find out about the exploit? milw0rm or something?

Dr Small

Why are you asking?

I think this informtion only for MyBB Group, and may for Internationalization sites owners only..
becuese if alot of people get the source of the exploit, it'll be scary to work with MyBB Smile
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DrPoodle Wrote:MrDoom: [wiki]Versions#The_Versioning_System[/wiki]
I know, I use that numbering system on my own work. I was just commenting on how the hell people got confused that after x.x.9 was x.x.10
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I just added a bit in the Versions wiki article about overflow from .9 to .10
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Upgrading was successfully, thanks for the release "Tikitiki" Big Grin
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Help, my upgrade got this error:
Quote:MySQL error: 1054
Unknown column 'b.olddisplaygroup' in 'field list'
Query: SELECT u.*, f.*, b.dateline AS bandate, b.lifted AS banlifted, b.oldgroup AS banoldgroup, b.olddisplaygroup as banolddisplaygroup, b.oldadditionalgroups as banoldadditionalgroups FROM mybb_users u LEFT JOIN mybb_userfields f ON (f.ufid=u.uid) LEFT JOIN mybb_banned b ON (b.uid=u.uid) WHERE u.uid='1'

I can view my forum, but when login I got that error, how can I fix it??
This is my forum:
You need to run the upgrade script.


Please note that this is not a support thread. For these issues you should make a new thread under the general support forum.
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special thank you to the team for creating 1.1.8 instructions!! Smile
Sorry for putting the question in wrong thread, I think this is the thread for discussing problem with the new version.
After following the upgrade.php, my forum is working just fine now, thanks Smile
Anyway is this my fault or not, but the documentation said: Upgrading from 1.2.x is only need to upload the new files, nothing said to run the upgrade.php and I'm upgrading from MyBB 1.2.2.
Version 1.2.2 is 1.2.x, isn't it?
You don't need to run the upgrader for all versions... updated information can be found on our wiki, for which versions have need to run the upgrader or which ones don't.
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