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So I am coming from a very outdated PhPNuke board and all I have of it is a full database backup.

I know that there is NO way I can do a merge into myBB cleanly but that is OK this forum might have 20,000 posts but it's all from about 5 guys and we are all friends.

What I plan to do is convert over the portion of the PHPNuke database that is simply the posts and import that into myBB.   I don't know if it's even going to be possible but I am going to try it.

If anyone has any experience with this that would be great.  Assuming that miracle isn't coming I am wondering if anyone has a good data dictionary for the mybb database or baring that just a good one for the mybb_posts table.  I want to make sure that what I get it to import will actually work!

Thanks for the help!
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Here's the mybb_posts schema from installer code:
PGP Key (Fingerprint: 23B6 F4C0 FE2D 45AA 61A0 1E86 DB87 09DC DD87 6E40)
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Thanks I do have that, pulled it from the backup of the table acutally LOL.

I can't figure out what some of the fields are / are used for though.

For example.
  • Pid-> looks like it's an auto number field that just gives an ID to the post
  • tid -> what is this number used for?  .. is it a thread ID that basically tells you what original post it belongs to/
  • reply to -> is this the pid of the post that it's replying to?  is it basically the same as the tid with the execption that the original post of the thread would be 0 because it's not a reply??
  • Fid -> I assume this is the ID of the forum
I think the rest I can sort out more or less (and yes it's going to be a bear to do this)... but I could really use some clarification.

I am thinking that I am pretty close to the actual data here but I could very easily be wrong about that.

Thanks for the help thus far!
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pid: yes
tid: thread ID. Not exactly original post, per se. Each thread has an original post, and the original post and any other replies are associated with the tid.
replyto: yes. When you reply to a post, it automatically quotes the post. In that quote is a link at the top to jump to that post, which is generated from the replyto value. The post subject (IIRC) also comes from this value.
fid: yes
PGP Key (Fingerprint: 23B6 F4C0 FE2D 45AA 61A0 1E86 DB87 09DC DD87 6E40)
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I think I have enough of an understanding to be able to try and build a bulk translator / converter. At least on the myBB side of things.

I think I might build it in Excel using VBScript because ... well probably because it's easier to visualize and it's something we do a lot at work so it's familiar enough. Plus it makes it portable.

Assuming I can get it working I might toss it up here on this thread in the end so that if anyone else runs into this sort of situation they can use it. Looking at the data they post store the "message" as text but phpnuke (at least my version of it) is including line breaks and it looks like myBB uses \r and \n.... that could get really interesting to catch and code for! ;-)

Thanks for your help.

Again the ONLY thing I am looking to do is import in the posts all the security, etc is going to start from scratch.
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Just be aware, the nuke_bbposts and nuke_bbposttext or whatever it is - they are two different fields for the same post.

Yes, it is hell. I know
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Okie Dokie then.  ... we are having some fun over in my restore place.

We did two test restores.  The first intermingled an existing post with restored posts, it's in purple below on the screenshot.  Please note that this is not a normal color on my forum and only became purple after the test import.

We also imported in several posts as a test on their own... these are the "pink" ones and again nothing else on the forum is this color.   I suspect the purple and pink colors are trying to warn me of something.

Ran a couple of tables checks (in the Task) and they come back clean.   if I do a manual "recount and rebuild" of the posts then it does pick up new replies are there but it ONLY does it when we run the job.  Normally these posts just appear "dead".

Any ideas what might have gone wrong or what we could try to "fix" it. 


[Image: FARPG_error.png]
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^ purple color should be representing soft deleted threads and the pink threads are unapproved threads !
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Thanks obviously need to update that field then when we go through and to the change.


So we fixed the import display issue (had to set visible = 1 on the thread table) and restored the soft delete.  In the  forum things appear to be working normally.

I did see though that on the main page I see this (see below) there are 9 threads in total but I don't understand why they are noted here split apart.  The (5) is the number of test import threads we creaged so I am guessing (51) is the number of posts in those threads.

Is there another table / field we would need to update or is there some built in tool that would correct this.

[Image: faforum2.png]

Thanks for all your help thus far we are VERY close to importing in a full recovery I think.

Also I did a recount and rebuild that solved the issue It's safe to assume then that we will need to run those processes once the great import is completed.

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