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Twitter Feed Help
This thread is for any questions or issues involving the Custom Twitter Feed plugin!

This plugin can be found here ->

It uses the Twitter API to pull recent tweets from a given twitter account and display them in a fully customizable format within the Header Template!

If you run into any bugs or have any questions, feel free to post them here (or email me, as I might respond more quickly that way!)
How we can display twitter feed on side box ? instead on top on template ?
doesnt show up
ESForum, responded to your pm ^^;

For the second, in case anyone still needs!
You'd have to alter the styles in the template. You can style the feed however you want using the templates provided!
The feed overall is in the header template, you can place it in any sort of container you wish, including the sidebar, by moving it

[Image: ERFdfWf.png]

You can also alter the look of the actual tweets using the three provided templates in the Global Templates list! twitterfeed_feed, twitterfeed_tweet, twitterfeed_empty

[Image: HHnqwno.png]
[Image: v7pTRUm.png]
[Image: ShXROpO.png]
Thank you for this app! It's awesome. Does anyone know how to make the full tweet appear instead of being cut off? It's probably something extremely simple but I have yet to figure it out.

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