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Not Solved [Security] Spambot invasion!
Not Solved
I didn't moderate my board for a while, and when I returned I found this scenario:

I need to delete all these spambot accounts, and all their relative posts, and do it fast.
How can I? If I delete or ban them, I see that the posts are not deleted...

I've heard about an old MyBB mod called "goodbye-spammer", which is nomore compatible with my version (1.8).
I've also read from a post from the staff of MyBB that the goodbye-spammer features are already built in the MyBB 1.8 core. How can I retrieve them?

Thank you a lot for your help.

P.S: Now I activated all the captcha and anti-spam features. Wink
Not Solved
Before you delete the account, go to one of the posts and click the button find all posts by this member. Delete the posts and then the user account.
Not Solved
It could have been a good solution if the threads opened by a single spambot weren't like 1.000 or more.
If I make a query with all the messages from a single account, the board visualizes them in something like 50 pages...
Not Solved
Maybe somebody will provide a better solution, but you could temporarily set your pagination results high in ACP, then list the posts, and delete them with the inline moderation tool. Do you have the purgespammer button on your version? What happens when you use that?
Not Solved
I can't think of any easy way to do it. How much content is actually good? You might be better off starting from scratch.
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Not Solved
Quote:Do you have the purgespammer button on your version? What happens when you use that?

I don't see any "purgespammer" button anywhere... Where can I look for it?
I can't find it between the "User & Groups" functions.
I'm running MyBB 1.8.5

Quote:You might be better off starting from scratch.

I think too it could be better to start from scratch, but I don't want to lose these settings: theme, templates, custom forum icons, subforum structure.

Thank again for your help.
Not Solved
You should see the purgespammer button with the other postbit buttons on the bottom right (when viewing showthread.php), when logged in as Admin, and looking at a normal user's posts.
Not Solved
Sorry, but... Where?
Can you be more precise or make me a screenshot, from the default theme?
Not Solved
[Image: purgespammer.jpg]

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