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Not Solved make forum category description a drop down?
Not Solved
hey gangSmile

im curious about something , we have made our form live yesterday and I am curious if this is possible to doSmile

we have many forum categories on our main page and these categories each have a description explaining what the forum is for which on a desktop is not a issue as the screen is large but on a phone it takes quite some time to scroll from the top to the bottom due to the descriptions  , im curious if theres a way to make the descriptions a drop down menu so all the forums would be visible and maybe a little drop down arrow on the side that people could hit if they were curious about the description?

hope that makes any sense lol

running 1.8.5

test account handle: test account

password: testaccount

thanks in advanceSmile
Not Solved
how about moving it to a tooltip:
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Not Solved
(11-24-2015, 05:12 AM)mmadhankumar Wrote: how about moving it to a tooltip:

i think that will work im going to try this out great ideaSmile thanksSmile

ok so added the tooltip css and works great  but I now i have the issue about phones not being able to hover so while that does shorten it down now users on phone cant or arnt able to access the description with touch screen? is there no easy way to add css for a drop down arrow for the descriptions off the the side of the forum title??

the whole idea is that on a phone the page is smaller than on a desktop and the descriptions are important for people to navigate and post in proper forms , but without the tooltip its long and with it on a touch screen its not accessible

thanks guysSmile
Not Solved
You may have to make use of the @media directives in your CSS based on screen size or something. You could make the description show up in full on large screens or show a snippit (which opens the full description) on a mobile device.

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