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Not Solved Ficons
Not Solved
There are plugins for adding ficons. They give a special look and feel for any forum but for some reason they don't really work for some themes. 
For instance, they don't work in musk theme(I am talking about mybb here). I have tried some stuff but nothing seems to be working. Is there a way to change ficons for these sort of themes as well?
If so, I would really appreciate if you guys can make a tutorial about it. I have been struggling for some time with this issue.

Can you guys help me with this?
Not Solved
any help guys? ;-;
Not Solved
If it does not work for a particular theme, you should ask in that theme's support thread. There is already a tutorial on how to change ficons, you can study it and change things to suite your needs.
What goes around comes around
Not Solved
there a plugin that creates the ficons from the forumID, and all you need is the ID and png

why wouldnt it work in Musk? you just need to manually add the code

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