Not Solved Need help redoing profile view template..
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I'm redoing the profile template to look like this:

[Image: member.jpg]

(A little more than that, but nonetheless...)

But, I cant create a new table row to the side of the place where the avatar goes. It always creates the tables below it instead of to the right of it. What am I doing wrong, does anyone know?
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That's a tough one to answer really, because it's difficult to gauge what and where you are breaking into MyBB existing tables..

You could either have too many tables, tables within tables, or tables that are not closed off.. That's one reason the modification you are doing, jumps above / below / to the right of what already exists.. Wink

You also may need to align or float the <td class or <div class within the same table for the mod you are adding..... it's really not easy to help you on this one...  Sad

From memory, there are three individual templates that go to make the full display of the area you trying to change...

This may be of some help to you on how to handle <td, <tr, and <tables
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I took the original profile view template and copied and pasted it into notepad, then deleted it. Then, starts rebuilding the template on my own but using the PHP bits ($ ?) that were defined in it.
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I trust that this may help you..

Brief Account Summary as an example And would probably be better as a sample template for what you are trying to do.. Smile

So try this Wink

The 15% I've added keeps the string to the right of the avatar.

<td class="trow1" width="15%"></td> 
<td class="trow1" width="50%"><strong>{$lang->email}</strong></td>
<td class="trow1" width="50%">{$mybb->user['email']}</td>

Change the vars to suit what you are trying to do. You can also drop one 50% string, and make the remaining one a 100% Smile
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Well, it got the first row right, but I need it to look like the image in my first post of this topic.

Now all the rows go to the left, making it look like this:

(The avatar) EMAIL: l (My email)l EMAIL: (My email)l EMAIL: (my email)l
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I can only suggest that you put the original template back, bring it up and look at the "view source" to see what the whole picture looks like.

The vars add extra html into the situation, and unless you know how they are affecting the end result, it's very difficult to change a template without making allowances for those changes. Sad

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