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Not Solved Remember me button - where to add?
Not Solved
My members complain about having to login all the time.
 I've found the reason and would like to add a remember me option.

When you just come to the forum ( the login at top has a remember me option. Meaning if you don't logout, then when a notification post is sent you'll click and come straight in to post.

HOWEVER, if they are not logged in, from a notification it comes to an alternate front page with the normal login at top, but it opens (esp. on small screens) at the login down bottom. There is no "remember me" option there. 

I want to add one there 

ALTERNATIVELY I'd delete that login area AND/OR ensure the post links brought them to the top login.

Can you please help by telling me which template to modify for the login page they get to when they click the post link.
AND how to modify post link so it brings them to top first login option (with remember me).


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