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Not Solved Google SEO setting required
Not Solved
good morning i hope everybody will be fine
i have instlled plugin Google SEO
but i am not understanding its plugin setting
its only showing http://websitename suppose/portal.php
not showing threads posts search
pls give me tuturial link or utube video plugin setting not install pluginor upgrade plugin video thanks
Not Solved
what is your forum url ?
see your-forum-url/inc/plugins/google_seo.html &
Not Solved
this is my forum
if u need then i will give u acess admin panel
Not Solved
at present your forum is using MyBB internal SEF URLs. have you installed and activated Google SEO plugin ?
Not Solved
yes i have installed and activated this plugin
Not Solved
have a look at Google SEO plugin on the plugins page of forum admin panel. does it say anything ?
basically there is a link to add changes to system core files and there should be a set of rules to be added in .htaccess file
Not Solved
ok i am checking. Thanks for help.

very difficult
anyone can tell me a to z plz

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