Not Solved [General] Can't logout can't log in
Not Solved
Dear all,

Sorry for asking help for my first post.

i couldn't login and logout.
i did search for some helped still cannot figure out what problem was

my url is

i followed step by step instruction from some links
and here

i try change mod setting.php to 666
  • Cookie Domain:
  • Cookie Path: /
  • Cookie Prefix :
to ensure my setting i used this tool too :

Result is still can not login and logout

then i tried change used default template still the same result.

i also tried deleted and reupload setting.php
refresh so many time browser, F5 and CTRL+F5
use many browser FF,Chrome,IE
and all cookies enabled

when i type login username and pass, i should press F5 (refresh) to know weather login succes or not
its weird, i can imagine if other user try to login, they will never think to refresh their browser just to login.

After refreshed then i can see logged in, but another problem show up can't logout  Huh

Now i gave up, already tried many clues no luck  Sad

What should i do ? please help.



Anyone help please ?
i saw many users got this problem too

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