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Hello Guys,
Today i am going to introduce you guys a Recent Post2host forum which Provide Free VPSs to users who Are active in Our forum.
Its normally a tech forum where yours come for learning VPSs knowledge,getting free VPSs, Introducing there cheap Plans of services, posting/viewing other free related services,etc.

How Users can get Free VPS ?

Ans: Users just have to join this forum and do 25 posts (nice quality) in correct forums and take part in VPS Giveaways which always happens 1st of every month.

This Forum uses NewPoints Plugin to recognize that do the user is doing short posts or not.Users must have equal to or greater than $100 credits in there account (Its not real money but its points which is generated by Newpoints according to User's post).

We are just trying to help Users who really wants to learn/get but they don't have money but wants to learn about VPSs and then get into steps of hosting as you guys must known that now days Free VPSs are rarely given.

VPS Plans =>

Register today at

I will be happy to hear feedbacks/suggestions from You guys.
Discord: Prince#4000
-- Showcase Submission Approved --
bump, I hope this can be nice solution for users who wants there own VPS for learning purpose but can't afford to buy one Big Grin
Discord: Prince#4000
Post4VPS has been changed !

Our New logo:
[Image: banner1.gif]

and our Plans too:

[Image: 45bc6ac4e0.png]

[Image: 889ed799c3.png]

[Image: 8f2d7578f8.png]

and VPS Keeping requirements too decreased:
Now users can keep there VPS by just doing 20 Posts/month.

for more info visit:
Discord: Prince#4000
Looks like a really nice option to get free VPS Smile
I'm interested in how this is a sustainable business model.

I'm not trolling; I'm actually interested how you can sustain free VPS'. I know that over on Host 4 Post our most requested feature is P2H VPS hosting. It's not something I intend to look into as it would cost us too much. I can't imagine the hole in your back pocket is any smaller than ours.

VPS hosting also lends itself more into DDoS and service abuse.
While requesting a VPS we simply ask "For what purpose you will use VPS ?" if we satisfied with the answer then we issue a VPS from our sponsors, if there is something suspicious on any VPS our sponsor have rights to terminate the VPS or account attached with that VPS.
[Image: cafaf18ba2.gif]
FileSquid is under development
[Image: trk1]
(2016-05-20, 07:49 AM)Dark-Power-Invader Wrote: While requesting a VPS we simply ask "For what purpose you will use VPS ?" 

Can be based on bull.
(2016-05-20, 07:35 AM)Ben Cousins Wrote: VPS hosting also lends itself more into DDoS and service abuse.

Been there (paid VPS hosting), done that, never again...
RedHat Certified Systems Administrator
Why is backlink required in all the plans? Isn't there a way to remove it?

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