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hello everyone,

i am looking for a plugin where i can set limited posts and replys for an usergroup for each forum. for mybb 1.8.6

thanks in advance

Plugin Info:
Name: MyFlood
Description: A plugin which allows you to prevent flooding through new posts and new threads per usergroup.
Author: Polarbear541
Version: 1.3
Compatibility: 1.6.x
Files: 2 (1 plugin and 1 language)
Database changes: 2 (2 columns added into usergroups table)
There are no template changes in this plugin.

This plugin allows you to set a time limit between new threads/posts per usergroup. This allows you to ensure that certain usergroups cannot 'flood' the forums by creating lots of new threads or posts. You can set a 'cooling down period' between new threads and posts which means users in that usergroup will only be able to create a new thread/post every X seconds. This is similar to the inbuilt function in MyBB but allows more control over usergroups.

*works on 1.8.x by changing compatibility line in file
vanz thanks but it is not exactly what i am looking. I search a plugin that put a limit to user groups posts and replys on diffrent forums
check mybb 1.8 mod site - there is one plugin which meets your criterias Smile it is from Starpaul20
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