Coin System
I am looking for a plugin that gives user's coins per post count and gives user's the ability to redeem them. This will help user's become more active.

  • Admins can determine¬†how many coins are given per post count.
  • Admins can determine how many coins are given per positive rep.
  • Admins and Moderators can rewards users with coins with a reason.
  • Admins and Moderators can take away coins with a reason.

User CP:
  • The user panel will display the amount of coins with a coin icon.

Redeem System:
  • User's can buy special avatar icons. Like a Santa hat.
  • User's can buy special/funny titles.
  • Admins can add items to a store such as redeem 300 coins for a gift card
  • 1 coin gives access to play a game in the arcade.
you can use NewPoints plugin and its associated plugins

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