Not Solved User can't login and logout
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Hi, I have problem, my user can not login and logout.

My Cookie URL:
My Cookie PATH: /

Mybb version: 1.8.6

Thank you for help Smile
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Can you create a test user for us?
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Test user:
Username: Test
Password: 123456
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I see that your forum URL is

Please change your settings to this:

Cookie Domain:
Cookie Path: /subdom/forum2/

After that, clear your browser cookies and reload the page.
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Thank you very much, it works Smile

Again, I cannot login....
Forum URL:
My cookie URL is:
Cookir PATH: /subdom/forum2/

Things that I do before:
1) I have install theme Dark1.8 (by DevilKing)
2) I have install plugin: Board annoucement manager (by Darth Apple)
3) I have install Czech language pack (by Eldenroot)

I found where is the problem.
This forum has 2 URLs: 1)

When I try login to 2 URL I can't login. And when I try login to 1 URL I can login.

How can I fix it?
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You need to change ACP -> Configuration -> Site Details

Change your board url to
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I already have it.
I need this:
If user join from URL he can login into the forum and also if he join from he can login too.
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Leave the cookie path as "/" then clear your browser cookies and try again. It should work.
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OK, It works Smile Thank you

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