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[For 1.8] Browser-based Language
It sets forum language based on the HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header sent by the browser if no language is chosen by the user. Coded for versions 1.8.x (may work in 1.6.x/1.4.x after some changes).

  • Some stuff (login, 2FA, etc.) in ACP is not translated due to MyBB hook inaccessibility.
  • You need to install any translations you want to provide to users automatically. If a browser is set to French only and there's no French translation, MyBB will load the default forum language for the browser user.
  • As mentioned earlier, the browser needs to send a proper HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header.
  • Language codenames in inc/language/[language_name].php's $langinfo['htmllang'] variable have to be compatible with

Bug reports/enhancement requests:

Lang packs:
Since the current way of adding lang packs is not really good, PM me and I'll add you as contributor.


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