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I'm working on a website right now that's based on gaming from Toronto called

There is 6 different buttons (more to come, of course). Each button containing a different image for a different game. When a user clicks on one of the game's buttons, it takes them to [game] (for example - World of Warcraft: --- CS:GO: - you get the point).

At each of these subdomains there will be a different forum. Totally different - different categories, different sections, etc. Every forum will be it's very own website.


I want it so that one user can make an account on, for example, and go over to and not have to create a new account; can use their account from gta.ft6 to wow.ft6. I want profile changes to be made on all websites, etc.

I've worked with MyBB a bit before with 1.6, but I might still need some guidance. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

edit: planning on doing this with MyBB 1.8.
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ok then
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This isn't possible out of the box and I don't recall a plugin that does this for mybb.
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