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Not Solved No secret threads in statistics
Not Solved
Hello, we have secret forums in our forum, like only for staff members etc. I noticed one of threads in there became one of most commented threads and made into stats, when I check stats as admin I see that thread, when I check stats as a guest I see empty slot instead of that thread, which creates assumption of bug since there is supposed to be 10 threads but listed 9.

Is it possible to set threads in certain forums unable to reach stats? Also is there any good stats plugin? I am seeing some awesome statistics in different forums but they are all saying "its custom made"  Confused
Not Solved
No, it's not a bug.. Users should be not able to see thread titles from "secret" forums, they're "secret" after all.

You can remove these ifs:
if(!in_array($thread['fid'], $unviewableforumsarray))
if you want to get rid of that security measure.

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