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[For 1.8] OUGC Admin Post Edit
[Image: cover_preview_25096_1587633665_3fbb5e792...581293.png]

Allows administrators to edit additional post data.

Download from the MyBB Extend page.

Check the official page for more information.
Where do I find the allowed groups setting? I cannot seem to find it.
If you want that setting you will need to download the updated files from GitHub. The description was misleading so I added it after publishing.
Nice Omar, but please tell me how is this different from mybb core edit which admins got ? I'm confused bro
^ while editing, admin (or allowed group user) can change the author of the post and also time of the post
IP address of the post can be also changed. (see image)
Thanks for the picture @.m.
Woah. This is something I've wanted to do and never thought it could be possible. At least to change the author of the post, that's something I really needed for the organization of some of my threads. Thanks for this! And .m. for the picture, really helpful.
How does it look with the edited contributions out, one can adjust the username there also? this is not functionable by me.
You can "fake" the person who edited the post, if that is what you meant.
hello, my english is bad.

tom make a thread. jerry edith this thread and click do not edith by message. okay. jerry come back and edith this thread and click not edith by message. jerry come back and edith this thread and click do not edith by message.

Then it can be seen that has been edited from jerry. i can edith the author, But not who has edited. I have to do this each time by hand in the database.

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