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I need some help intergrating the Steam login stuff for this theme "Duende-V2" on the default theme it has the "Sign in with steam" next to the regular login section but with this theme there is no icon to click can you help me so that way it shows up? i dont want people to get confused when they have to hit " Register" Just to login

Default theme:
what i see with the theme Duende-V2:

** on a side note how to make the steam footer correctly a footer " Steam Login provided by *****

Powered by Steam."

Please walk me through it i have NO idea how to alter your files
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first the login
where do you want it?
on topbar or modal login box?

in either case you need to add the plugin modification to template
<a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/misc.php?action=steam_login"><img border="0" src="inc/plugins/steamlogin/steam_login_btn.png" alt="Login through Steam" style="vertical-align:middle"></a>

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