Coding/support services

I'm restarting my MyBB services after inactivity.

What kind of jobs do I take?
  • plugin coding
  • plugin and core modifications (including 1.6.x -> 1.8.x plugin compatibility changes) 
  • plugin translations (English <-> German, German <-> Polish, Polish <-> English)
  • MyBB/plugin/theme installation and upgrades (including 1.6.x -> 1.8.x theme compatibility changes)
  • minor template/CSS changes
  • providing tips about optimization
  • error/problem fixing

How do I work?
  • you need to keep in mind I'm a busy student, so I may fail to take/finish your job if it's time-taking and my matters in real life get complicated
  • thus I accept payments only after I finish what I'm supposed to do - usually I upload a plugin/modification to my server first so that you can test everything and I can be sure you'll pay
  • there are several options for redistribution of modifications - I can either code them for your own use only (most expensive), for resell or for public community use (cheapest). At this moment I prefer the last option, unless the modification is very niche-specific, but of course everything can be negotiated. My current public plugins are linked in my signature if you want to check the quality, three of them were made due to the last option.
  • I do work for admins who own forum(s) which are missing the MyBB copyright. I don't work for admins that break any other point of MyBB's support eligibility:, especially all kinds of leakers. I also don't work for people that seem to be suspicious to me and I don't do anything connected with 1.6. 


I prefer private messages here, but I can also provide Skype or GG after we make an agreement.
If you need a quality and well optimized end product, then this dev, named "Destroy666" is your guy. His work is worth every single dime. imho, he know's his drill
I would be looking for a plugin that allows set usergroups to lock a single post.

I want to keep the edit option open, however if a mod added a note to a post with a MyCode (at the moment this is my preferred way to add a mod note rather than having a plugin for it), then the author could either edit it out or could see the mycode. I would like to be able to lock that specific post.

See my thread here:

There are plugins for it from older versions but have have broken since and the authors are inactive.

Is this something you could help with? I'll take up the details in PM if so.
MyBB Extras = Nope.
- you have posts with important notes as MyCodes
- you don't want these notes to disappear if users that don't moderate that forum edit a post

E.g. if content is:
a user should be able to edit everything but the [yourmycode][/yourmycode] part, yes?

If so, feel free to PM me and tell me which redistribution option you'd like to pay for.
Not quite. While you're close, effectively:

All users can edit their own posts at any time
If a moderator wishes, they can lock one, specific, single post.
That user cannot edit that post of theirs anymore.

It is effectively *exactly* the same as, except that's for 1.6 and it's broken with 1.8.
MyBB Extras = Nope.
free services?
(2016-04-06, 03:00 PM)hiroes Wrote: free services?

No. I provide free support only on forum. I might code a plugin for free if it interests me, but I already have a long list.
hi Destroy666

It's amazing your contribution to the community... I like it,  and for the staff support....

I hope You can help my with a plugin settings ...
in the next few days I write my Plugin Question application, I hope you can help me..

and the work for the money no problem ...
the value is paid in cash...
I hope favorable value to share the plugin relace  with the community...

I hope to communicate with you soon...
Thanks in advance for the support...

I have a few errors and issues on my forums, I'm wondering how much you would charge?
Maybe it's time to check PM @ Destroy666 :-)

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