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Hello MyBB community, i am having some great trouble and really getting frustrated as i do not know how to fix this.
Basically i have the latest mybb version and when i try to install any theme which is 1.8.x and  i try to import the theme and click on ignore compatiblity it imports it absolutely fine but when i refresh and see my forum there is incompatibility issues such as the logo is missing and the style is abit messed up as in the wrong places. And how on earth do i install 1.8.x for these themes. Also i even downloaded a lower version so i didn't have to click ignore compatibility check box and it still said it is incompatible.

So i have the latest mybb version and i can't install any theme because there all 1.8.x, even when i click the check box of ignore compatibility it still is not compatible as the forum layout is misplaced and messed around.

Please if someone can help me via team viewer or can reply to my thread i would really appreciate it.

Look forward to hearing from y'all.

Regards Daniel.
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Just because the theme is out of play doesn't mean it's compatible. This is also a theme issue - not the actual "ignore compatibility" function not working. What theme are you trying to import? Be sure it's a fresh download, and you're importing the images and xml file that came along with it.
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What's the link to your forum and what theme are you trying to install that is supposedly 1.8 compatibile?
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I've tried like all the themes which are 1.8.x version because all the themes on here are only 1.8.x version. I've tried all the themes by iandrew such as the 1point8 green theme and the vienna theme. Dude the ignore incompatability is not working because how come i got a lower mybb version and i tried to install the theme without clicking the ignore button and it would still give me that error. Anyway thanks to you MyBB i'm not gonna use Mybb because i'm fed up with this theme compatability issue. I've moved to IPB invision power board, and i got it for free so i'm good. But i would like to know what is causing this error. As i said again, it does import the theme sucussfully but when i review my forum the images are messed up. Especially the logo img.
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check and make sure
all images are installed correctly and that you install the xml
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what version of mybb are you using?
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@mrmod dud i'm 100% i installed everything correctly.

@blackbeard i just said i'm using the latest mybb version lol. scroll up.
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Quote:I've moved to IPB invision power board, and i got it for free so i'm good
if you no longer interested in MyBB then please don't ask questions about it - there's no point in answering them if you're not using the software

if you like to continue using MyBB & if you have a legit forum (see support eligibility) then
you may PM me temporary access to your forum admin panel to check what went wrong.

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