Not Solved [How To?] How to take complete backup and partial backup?
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Can anyone please explain me how to take a Complete backup of mybb forum including themes, templates, users, posts, replies etc.

and how to restore it?

and how to take a backup of only users,posts,replies,data (i i mean whole data of forum i.e. database)etc for weekly backups. and how to restore it?

well i also have cpanel. but still i like to take manual backups.
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database consists of all the data. you can take its backup on regular basis (& delete older backups)
you might be knowing that MyBB admin panel has database backup facility (at tools & maintenance section)
in general, restoring should be done through database manager (eg. phpMyAdmin)
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So, all i have to do is to

Generate and Download the backup from Admin CP. (Maintainence and tools)

Do i need to type YES or NO here ? what u recommed me to ?
Analyze and Optimize Selected Tables
Would you like the selected tables to be analyzed and optimized during the backup?

and to restore the forum database i have to Dump the file in PhPMyAdmin. thats all?
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1. I'd prefer selecting No
2. drop tables of existing database & import the backup into the database
(so that you do not have to change database details in ~/inc/config.php file)

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