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How can I control threads from a particular user?
He writes - the thread is controlled by a moderator or admin and released or not .

Thx for your help!
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If you edit a user via the moderator control panel, you have the ability to tick "Moderatore user's posts". I think that is what you're looking for.
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Thank your wires!

We have edited the User in Admin CP . His messages must be approved only by us. However, I have a question :
There is the possibility to be informed on an email when he has posted a thread ?

Thanks! Angel
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We have arranged for some users that their threads are confirmed only after viewing (Moderator user's posts).
One of these users contacted me, if it is possible, the small window which appears above, with the indication
"Note that new messages must be approved by an administrator before they become visible.", either to disable completely or to display much smaller.Basically, these users know that their threads have to be confirmed before they are published, so these small windows are unnecessary and more annoying, especially since it appears permanent.

Is there any way to change something?

Thx in advance!
ps.: sorry for my very bad english .... google translate ....

edit ....

[Image: 85699341pm.jpg]

This message works just like pm-alert. I can edit the text in global.php. The difference between both ages is that I have integrated a "dismiss notice" button in the PMs alert indication. So where and how can I add a dismiss button in this indication (look at the pic please) ?

screenshot from global.php - approve

[Image: 952414931.jpg]

screenshot from global.php - pm

[Image: 204131372.jpg]

How can I edit the ligne/ the window "Please note that this window must be approved by a moderator before becoming visible" as the PM window (with dismiss button)?

UP ...
thank you in advance for your help ...
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this is the pm altert window (with dismiss button (hamster):
[Image: 262259411.jpg]

[Image: 85699341pm.jpg]
It is exactly the same window as the PMs (red border) which opens and remains permanent and without dismiss button

It is also important to note that when the user threads, the threads are moderated and aproved, a warning is issued

It appears after a threading of the user very briefly a popup
[Image: 268412591.jpg]

1. All threads of this user have to be approved
2. He creates a thread
3. He posts it and it appears very short popup window (see image3)
4. The note (see image2) remains permanently visible and can not be clicked as the window for PMs (see image1)

I would like that the window (image2) either completely removed or at least have the option to close it. Is this possible? If it is possible, how?

Thx for your answers and ideas ;-)

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