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[For 1.8] Rebil
(2018-12-03, 09:37 PM)DevLife Wrote: Could you repaint the theme?

Like change colors? Sure it’s possible.
Could it repainted to this theme if you can help me please? or something similar in color variation
(2019-01-07, 09:52 PM)DevLife Wrote: Could it repainted to this theme if you can help me please? or something similar in color variation

The blue is pretty similar already. Where exactly do you want the color changed and to what?
Oh I wanted the same theme my bad lol it to be repainted
Hello, I love your forum style, but would it be possible to change the background color of the buttons?

New Replay, New Threat .. etc.

    << -- >>    


Homepage, Search .. etc


They are too bright for me. I can hardly read what is written there.

Thanks in advance
^ colors can be changed BUT this theme is not compatible with recent versions of MyBB.
it'd be better to use a recently updated theme. Also try to use a mobile responsive theme.

MyBB freely available themes | MyBB premium themes
Thanks for the info but I did not plan to switch to another version of mybb so quickly because there will be none anyway until further notice. It is very important to me to only change the buttons that I have just uploaded. Where could I adjust the background?
^ do you have online forum to check ..

probably new reply & new thread buttons use thead element with background image / color through style property.
Many thanks for that. I'll try that out. I have another problem. Attachments are no longer uploaded. I don't get the attachment and a new thread is opened when uploading. This works in the original template. I have already changed the post_attachments_new file to the original template. Unfortunately I don't know any further at the moment. It doesn't want to work.

I have under Post templates all changes reset to original template. But no success here either. What can I check now?
^ basically suggestion is to not use older themes which are not updated for
recent versions of MyBB
. it'd be better to find another good looking theme & use it.

if you still like using this theme,
I can check it in a few days with a temporary admin account on your forum.

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