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[Rejected] External Data Importer
It would be nice if there is a External Data Importer feature in core . Just like xenforo 1.5 . By this function we can import other forums on Mybb . It saves a lot of time . If this function is possible then there is n0 need of Merge System .
Do you mean an RSS Feed importer? If so, it would be better as a plugin in my opinion.
I did n0t know that either it is RSS Feed Importer . We can use External Data Importer Through Admin cp By Adding Database Configuration and Attachment path .
Sorry for my bad English .
but isn't the merge system exactly for this kinda of stuff? i've never worked with xenforo tho.
Owner of ForumAnime.PT
Yeah it is n0t a merge system but works like a merge system . N0w in Xenforo 1.5 we can convert existing data to XenForo Forums by using import system . Actually in XenForo 1.5 Import system Feature is Core Feature . I want to see that feature in Mybb 2.0 .

The Merge system will continue to be a separate download rather than being included in the core. This is because most forums don't use the merge system and maintaining it separately means merge module releases aren't tied to core releases.
Thanks for Reply Eaun T Please close this topic n0w .

Your MyBB 2.0 suggestion has unfortunately been rejected. Your suggestion does not fit with the direction that MyBB is heading in as a project at this time.

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