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BBootstrap for MyBB 1.8 by Yuva Services
BBootstrap for MyBB 1.8 is a fully featured and responsive premium theme with lots of features. This theme uses Bootstrap framework.  Some of the features are listed below.

[Image: 7Y7twCY.jpg]

  1. Responsive Layout/ Compatible for Mobile Devices.
  2. 10 Ready Color Combination which can be changed from Admin CP.
  3. Based on Bootstrap Framework, Fontawesome icons.
  4. Use of Colorful Bootstrap Buttons, Alert Messages and Tooltips.
  5. Separate Collapsible Mobile Navigation menu.
  6. Custom 3 Column Footer.
  7. Improved forumbit and boardstats.
  8. Exclusive Tabbed Profile page.
  9. Custom Organized Postbit.
  10. New Forum icons and Postbit Icons based on FontAwesome.

Live Demo

Go to our Product page and Buy Now for $20 USD.
Extremely Reliable for Everyone Else
This is a beautiful theme, I am using this theme for my forum right now.

Great job, Anurag M.
Naah, it pays. Big Grin But very nice theme.
it does look good!! I might be interested to purchase it.
Owner of ForumAnime.PT
Amazing theme. Too bad its a paid one.
[Image: xoa.png]
Good work.
Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback. Suggestions are welcome too.

You can get this theme for $10 in this Valentine week.
Appllying this coupon code: LOVEBIRDS
Extremely Reliable for Everyone Else
have you tried to use any plugin on your theme yet? do they work okay?
Owner of ForumAnime.PT
Well, some of the plugins might get a little messy as the theme has a different layout. But the buyer will get support from the portal to get things sorted out.
Extremely Reliable for Everyone Else
Not to sales thrash but theme looks very dull compared to others. i wonder if you get more than 2 sales.

But nice efforts for beginner theme

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