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how to add this to printthread so they have to login to view the print thread Smile
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you can simply use the Template Conditionals plugin and then use a conditional like below for printthread in the showthread template...

<if $mybb->user['usergroup'] != 1 then><li class="printable"><a href="printthread.php?tid={$tid}">{$lang->view_printable}</a></li></if>
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edit: this is another method. above given method is preferable.

open printthread.php file in an advanced editor like notepad++ or through file manager at your web host
find below code at line 16
require_once "./global.php";
after it in a new line you can add
if($mybb->user['uid'] < 1) error_no_permission();

note: php files should be saved in utf encoding without BoM

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