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Not Solved [How To?] Couple questions about MyBB
Not Solved
My forum is running version: 1.8.6

I am trying to set 2 VIP categories and all its sub forums to be visible for every user that browse the forum. I have managed to do almost what I need, but when I lock the possibility to view posts in a thread, instead of number of threads and posts in subforum there is "-" displayed when user has no access to this category. Is there a way to display number of posts and threads in subforum, while not allowing to view them?

I would also like to know how can I display some message to users that don't have access to certain category and all its subforums. For example I have a category called "Wyzwanie90dni - społeczność VIP dla uczestników programu" where access is only granted for custom group of users. When guest or regular registered user tries to view it it just shows message that there are no posts in this thread. I would like to display some custom message indicating for user that this is a closed part of the forum only for our VIP community members.

Thank you,
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though might not perfectly suit your requirements

1] forum admin panel >> Configuration >> Forum Home Options >> Hide Private Forums? --> set to No

2] ~/inc/languages/english [or your language]/forumdisplay.lang.php
find phrase similar to
$l['nothreads'] = "Sorry but there are currently no threads in this forum with the specified date and time limiting options.";
change to something like
$l['nothreads'] = "Sorry, either this section is for Premium Members OR there are currently no threads in this forum with the specified date and time limiting options.";

the second requirement is expected to be fulfilled more efficiently in forthcoming version of MyBB (pull #2215)

p.s. php files should be edited with an advanced editor like notepad++ and should be saved with utf encoding without BoM

(edited after realizing that different language is used at referred forum)
Not Solved
Thank you very much! It will help a lot!

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