Not Solved Square Theme Issue
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I am getting the following issue when trying to use the square theme.

[Image: Tn1xDWA.png]

Can anyone point me in the right direction to resolving this please?

Thank you.
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There's a READ ME.TXT file inside the package you downloaded,

it states

"You need to copy all the images from MyBB images folder and paste inside the square folder.

DO NOT REPLACE IF THE SYSTEM ASK YOU, because there are custom images in the theme.
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Just  upload the folder that says square to your image folder via FTP or file manager or whatever you use.  That is what I did and I am using it take a look..,,site

Not Solved

but thank you for the missing step
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(2016-02-25, 02:40 PM)Kendarr Wrote:

but thank you for the missing step

Did you get it working ?

Don't forget step 5
These are the installation instructions from copy for MyBB 1.8.x

1. Open the "Upload" folder and upload all the content to the root of your forum.
2. If the system ask you to replace, press "yes", it's only custom content.
3. Go to ACP > Templates & Styles > Import a Theme > Select the Square-theme.xml and press upload.
4. Go to Themes and set Square as the default theme.
5. Go to Configuration > Plugins and activate "XSTYLED custom language vars" plugin.

Download link for MyBB version 1.6.x is here

LINK to version for MyBB version 1.8.x is here

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