MyCode Permissions
Currently there is no mycode permission plugin for 1.8, there were 2 for 1.6, YourCode and MyCodePermissions. But they are not working in 1.8 anymore. I think this plugin would be great and MyCodePermissions has like 1 single php file, I don't think its too complicated to create such plugin.
This is absolutely needed. At the moment I'm using mycodes for staff notices; for example a mod types [moved] when they move a thread which produces a message in a blue box. This ultimately means if someone finds out they could pretend to be a mod unless I can protect the MyCodes with permissions.

Thankfully because those plugins were already created, it shouldn't take long to just make the required changes as there is already a base there; but yes, very much needed.
MyBB Extras = Nope.

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