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[For 1.8] Thank You MyBB System 2.6.x
This is a very cute mod to provide some improvements on your forums with only one click on thanks button.

The most easy way to mark the most usefull post on your board due a thanks count.

It's 100% functional with the most usefull mods at the moment.

Google S.E.O 1.8.1 ( Complete and fully implementation)
MyAlerts 2.0.3 (working with this system at 100%). This was the first system to work with Myalerts since 1.6.x series and this new 1.8.x series.
ProStats 1.9.6 (Working with this system at 100%)
NewPoints 2.1 (Working and tested). I will have to make one more integration but this will be done for 2.6 series of plugin.
MyBB Reputation system (Can integrate or not, you may decide on config options).

Allows you to not use any of the seetings or none, or disable entire plugin without uninstall.

If you configure it to work with MyAlerts but there's no MyAlerts do not worried about it because you receive a private message to let you now theres some thanks on some post maded.

Let you use hide contents inside hide tag after use thanks button (working with ajax feature).

Let you configure usergroups and customized css apparience to know where are the hidden contents after you have thanked a post.

Let you use thank and thank deletion.

Use many features as posible lie antiflood to take a rest on every thanked time.

Use thanks per day configurable as a task running every 24 hours.

Use a thanks metter to know the most thanked user.

Thans ammount received and given in new page to know where are all your thanks.

Enable reputation (even if you can not use it, maybe in next release i add code permissions to use reputation feature)

Add a counter with a nice popup to load latest thanks and if necesary load a new page with all ammount data of every  thanked time in a post.

100% editable and customizable, by default works fine with default mybb theme.

Add button to editor and works with mybb editor sceditor only and with normal and source mode.

It's a very nice and complex system configurable by options on admincp.

Usegroups to give reputation ammounnt configurable and max thanks per day. In newpoints too but in next versions only.

If you use another system lie simple likes, thanks system, thankyou like, you can convert your data to use with this system, but the reputation do not be aded due works with or without reputation an with or without MyAlerts. By default have a regular confiuration to work with but you can configure as you wish.



Enjoy it !!!

EDIT: I update to new 2.5.5 versions to make some code changes and addittions and fix some bugs founded. I will add some more improvements on next version, but right now is the most important changes due some php version problems and restrictions, and the new mybb 1.8.8 and 1.8.9 versions arrived, so i have to change some details to work with. But in next version i will add many features and code improvements to let you enjoy with new mybb versions.

If you want to try some of this can use the new likes system.!bwpCXTaQ!pOu4UciDwS3Kj...bVGcyEm-8E

If you wan to set likes instead thans system

For both you have to upload files of the mod, then run uninstall and install again, this do not delete thanks, only create new tables and changes on db to make it works fine.

Then run maintenance and recount of thanks, given and received and finally customize it thx_buttons.css to get your own style and done.

If you want to migrate from another system like Simple Likes or Thankyou Like, only have to run converter after install this plugin and run the recount tasks to make it works fine.

Please note when you run the converter your data of actual like/thank mod and review that the converter get the same data records to make the correct convert proccess.

And that's all enjoy.....

New 2.5.6 version includes many improvements bugs fixed and code cleaning and more features working and tested, so it is the next major version stable, but i am on 2.5.7 development right now, but it is close to new one.

So test it and let me know about issues or if it works better or anything can be usefull to follow coding on this mod....

New 2.5.10 versions have many new features like search thanks by some criterya in a search form called within. It is working fine on php 7.2.x with no problems and with strict sql mode.

In this version we have fixed and customized all posible issues reported and founded at this moment, but i have to do some other addittions in future major version for this plugin.

NOTE: Important ::: This mod hide contents with mycode hide by default, you can customize it on admincp putting your own tags like sample, do not use braquets on config or mod would not work. And hide until thanks only works on posts with hide tags or customized tags if you like to customize it. And only that content must hide/show on thanks....::::
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Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

Looking great.
Will check it.
Well if you find anything about this mod i am glad to ear it and fix any problem or add some features, actually i am testing the last version on my forum but i have no time to do, but there are some new adds lie mentiones on first post, i tested but now i delete some mods and can not know if mod really works, i am only release tested and knowingg working versions for all users on my forums or who let me know about the mods installed and working on their forums.
The only infinite thing is the universe and human stupidity, but the universe is not for sure

Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

hi m8,

i have little problem.

my forum SS
[Image: AlxcF4O.png]

your forum SS
[Image: preview_51493_1421826674_18b9aa17ed382da...7690b2.png]

i need yorum foru forum no need receive text frame and upper detail thanks button i need down same your style.

Thnaks and sorry my speak eng.
That is the style, you are the poster or thanked.

That green color and star means that post are thanked and is the most thanked post.

By the way only hide MyCode takes hidden contents.

Not for urls or attachments, that have to be added.

Use hide tags to hide and show that configuration, plugin huide explain it.

[hide]here the hidden content, urls, text or any[/hide]

That if you have default settings if you changed hide tag then use the tag you have on settings.
The only infinite thing is the universe and human stupidity, but the universe is not for sure

Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

In this MOD

for the REPUTATIONS part

Members can only  UP/+ reputations

Can you make it so users can UP/+  or DOWN/- reputations ?
* if ability to give PLUS and give MINUS reputations are enabled by ADMIN ?

Thank you.

translation by,com

En este MOD

para el partido REPUTACIÓN

Los miembros pueden sólo hasta + / reputaciones

¿Se puede hacer que los usuarios puedan ARRIBA / ABAJO / + o - reputaciones?

* Si la capacidad de dar PLUS y dar reputaciones MENOS están habilitadas por el administrador?

Plugin configuration.

You can enable or disable reputation, myalerts, or use it as you wish.

Then on usergroups on new tab thanyou system you can set ammount of thanks per day and ammount of rep points.

When you thank the add rep points, when you remove thanks then rep points are losed.

For hide contennts purposes i do not add both options, but can be added, i set style and test, but no one likes that so i removed and let as is.

Right now is how it works but can be done by yourself the way tou want.
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Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

On a NEW  INSTALLATION of  MyBB 1.8.6 with ONLY this mod installed,
while STARTING a NEW THREAD , I get this error

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
   1054 - Unknown column 'pthx' in 'field list'
   SELECT pthx FROM mybb_posts WHERE pid IN('1') ORDER BY pthx DESC LIMIT 1
No matter if new or old installation i review and that error would not be appear ar least db not add tables or field to tables when have to.

What's the downloaded file you have ?

This to test that version on a new install and the same file to reproduce error and fix it.

Anyway i review latest sended file due is the same at github repo actually, but if i have to add or fix any i do it ASAP.

I have to verify that due i test on 1.8.6 with latest repo and all goes fine for me, if you can give more detailed info.

One user have the same issue but that is because he moves from windows server to the unix server and on db prefix added slashes and that causes conflict due url and db.

Something like.


That causes all data was missing so, i know sometimes is due an external error and not plugin at all.

But any info about this error should be helpfull to fix it.
The only infinite thing is the universe and human stupidity, but the universe is not for sure

Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

Where to edit the text in postbit? It's colored green and blue but I want to give it my theme's style.

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