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[1.8.0] Italian Translation
Ciao ragazzi,
vi lascio in allegato la traduzione italiana per MyBB creata da MyBB Italia.

La traduzione è distribuita con Licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione - Non commerciale 4.0 Internazionale.


Hi guys,
I give you in attachment the italian translation for MyBB.

This translation is distributed with Creative Commons License Attribution - NonCommercial 4.0 International

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.zip (Size: 229.82 KB / Downloads: 177)
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Traduzione aggiornata a MyBB 1.8.13, compatibile con MyBB 1.8.14.
My Projects - Support My Projects

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Actual MyBB version is 1.8.14.
But there are not any changes in language files for that version
MyBB Translator & helper
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In ref to:

Italian (Italiano)
by mybbitalia

mentioned here simply as it states:

Italian Translator

Just a few quick things one quickly noticed as of late while using the existing lang pack (Version 1.8.21 (stable) 2019-06-15, 02:23 PM) on 1830 while translating some plugins:

frontend side...

global.lang.php needs such added:
$l['expcol_collapse'] = '[-]';
$l['expcol_expand'] = '[+]';
$l['confirm_title'] = "Si prega di confermare";
$l['ratings_update_error'] = 'Si è verificato un errore durante l\'aggiornamento della classificazione.';

memberlist.lang.php needs such added:
$l['exactly'] = "Esattamente:";

usercp.lang.php needs such added:
$l['goto_first_unread'] = "Vai al primo post non letto";

admin side...

admin/forum_management.lang.php needs such added:
$l['forum_thread_prefixes'] = "Prefissi di thread";

admin/config_thread_prefixes.lang.php needs such added:
$l['forums'] = "Disponibile nei forum";

admin/config_badwords.lang.php needs such added:
$l['add_bad_word_desc'] = "Qui puoi aggiungere un filtro di parole e la sua sostituzione.";

admin/style_themes.lang.php needs such added:
$l['theme_thumbnail'] = "Miniatura del tema";

etc, etc... & most likely more, but, just noting at least the first few warnings about such noticed in relation to subject matter and current usage.

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