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[For 1.8] [For Sale][MyBB 1.8] - Reported Posts Plus
Can you make plugin similar to "post a reply to reputation vote", i dont want post replay, i want post thanx for se hidden link?
Is that possible and that on the thread where you posting thanx for se link, you se all history (usernames who post thanx)?? Pm me if you want for explain to you better!
What would "se" stand for ?

#Bump. Conversations plugin cost has been reduced (it's one copy only and interested users will get two test accounts to test it out).
Very nice plugin, maybe if you sell this as mass product, many people will interested.
I thought about that, but i'm trying to limit my plugins per one client (it's easeir to maintain it and provide support). Also, another #bump. The cost has been updated (reduced almost by 50%, pm conversations). As mentioned before, it's one copy only and any interested user can test it (without limits).
#Bump. I'm willing to part away with Conversations plugin for 45 bucks (ONE copy only, all inputs are checked and sanitized, users can't access other conversations if they aren't members).
So this is still for sell?
(2016-09-09, 04:16 PM)Johnny S Wrote: all inputs are checked and sanitized, users can't access other conversations if they aren't members

Are you saying it WAS possible to do that when you first announced the plugin? However, nice patch I guess.
It wasn't then and it's not now. I've added that description for those users who are suspicions on if that was possible (to jack a conversation with a exploit). Everything is checked twice:

- On entering a conversation (if you are participating member you can view it, if not [or you have left the conversation] you'll get no permission error)
- On adding a new pm to conversation (associating that pm [that you are sending] with conversation) - it will check if that cid (conversation id) is a) valid b)  you are member of that conversation c) if the recipient if a member of that conversation
- On editing conversation (changing names and adding new participants) - if current user (who's trying to access edit page) isn't the starter (cid and starter_uid along with status is checked)- he will get no permission page

@Phillip it is (also enable your PM system since i can't send a message to you).
Sorry about that, forgot I had it disabled. Toungue
Quote:You cannot send messages to Phillip. because you're not on their buddy list.
Second part of that error (right now).

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