[Pushed] SCeditor font face
This may be related to this other SCeditor bug, but it's only occured in the last 15 hours since we upgraded to 1.8.7.

When a user tries to change the font face the tag code is displayed in plain text, rather than being rendered as a tag.


All other editor text formatting options (bold, italic, etc) work fine from what I see.
I can't reproduce. Nothing regarding SCEditor was changed in 1.8.7. Which browser is the user using and are they sure that WYSIWYG mode was enabled at that time?
I'm using Firefox (44), but it's being reported in the forum by several users on all different browsers.

Again, the only thing that changed was upgrading to v1.8.7.
you saying after posted in forum or in WYSIWYG mode of sceditor?
if after posted so parse issue in php file (and most probably in class_parser.php) and not in editor.
After posting in a forum. While in WYSIWYG mode, it changes the font correctly, then when I post the bbcode font tags show as plain text, while any other formatting (bold, italic, etc) works as intended.

I can view source in the editor and the tags are there correctly.
Well, you should have mentioned that in the 1st post - it has nothing to do with SCEditor then. But I still can't reproduce, neither here as you can see. Could you show an exemplary post where it doesn't parse correctly?

Also, make sure Allow Font MyCode is enabled in ACP -> COnfiguration -> Clickable Smilies and BB Code.
Why would it have nothing to do with the SCeditor? Is the editor in the posts a different editor? If so, you could just SAY that, rather than getting snippy.

The first 2 posts in this thread are examples:

What I did say -and I'll say it once more - is that this is a CHANGE that only happened AFTER upgrading to version 1.8.7. No settings have been changed. Yes, the "Allow Font MyCode" *is* enabled, just as it's always been.

@Biscuit1001 when you click in submit your forum will read message in textarea (bbcode), after this your forum will convert bbcode in html. If editor send correct bbcode to forum so not issue of editor but in forum that make strange conversion of bbcode to html.
Bold, italic, etc are all converting fine, it's just the font. If it was something to do with a configuration in the forum, wouldn't it make sense that the bold or italic wouldn't work either?

And one more time - it never happened until upgrading to 1.8.7. No changes have been made, no settings or anything else changed. It worked yesterday, doesn't work today. Yesterday was v1.8.6, today is v1.8.7.

So unless the evil font fairy is visiting their forum..... something in v1.8.7 is causing it.
i not say that not has issue in 1.8.7...
i only said that this appear that not SCEditor related issue.

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