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[For 1.8] Users Online Today V2.0
I was wondering how to customize the $l['online_note_today'] or $l['whos_online_today'] in the in the lang file. I added div class around {1} {2} and so on but it didn't work as I got a blank white page?
How can we close the list to members.
^ can you elaborate your requirement
do you want it to appear only to Staff or is it hiding for guests ?

in general. we suggest template conditionals plugin for such requirements
There is a little bug and the comma it's not being printed between members:
[Image: siDteba.png]

Line 121 of /inc/plugins/onlinetoday.php needs to be changed to:
eval("\$onlinemembers .= \"".$comma.$templates->get("index_whosonline_memberbit", 1, 0)."\";");

And wala!
[Image: O2G9Sv8.png]

I attached the whole file If you don't want to update it youself.

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.php   onlinetoday.php (Size: 5.56 KB / Downloads: 59)
i get the list of users trailing off to the right side of the screen even after this change?

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