Not Solved 404 error page appears for member.php when trying to log into forum
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The forum version is 1.8.7 and was updated successfully on my local development server as well as on a live site at my ISP.

The files from the development server were FTP'd over to a second test site located on my ISP and the database was imported from the development server. So, this forum was migrated from another server, rather than installed/updated on the server.

I logged into the admin area and updated the cookies and was able to successfully register and activate a new user to the forum as well as browse the forum.

However, when I try to log in to the forum with any user, the page is immediately redirected to member.php with a 404 error.

The page, member.php, is not missing from the list of files. 

I have looked around the MyBB Community Forum, and based on some other postings have tried the following:

cleared cookies in the browser, rebuilt all of the caches in the cache manager in the admin area and checked the templates for any changes, but did not see anything significant. I also tried loading the default templates, but no luck.

I must be missing something from the transfer, but can't figure out what it is. 

Also, there is no .htaccess file and I can browse all of the other pages on the forum, I just can't log in to the front end.

Any information is greatly appreciated.
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regarding .htaccess file,
do you mean that there is no such rewrite rules file anywhere above the forum folder ?

though forum at a deep level folder should not affect (much) performance,
I was wondering if it is required like that ..

if you can directly login to forum admin panel & navigate through without any issues then
run file verification tool available at tools & maintenance section & post the result

Edit: you can ignore all of above

there is a spelling mistake for the board url at Site Details of Configuration (settings) section.
check spelling used for forum. rectifying that should fix the referred login issue
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regarding the .htaccess file, I meant that there is no .htaccess file on the root level of the forum directory. 

I ran the file verification tool and the settings were identical to the local server, which works. It said that inc/functions.php had changed. 

Thank you for the suggestions. This is very odd. I had fixed the spelling of the word "forum" on the settings page several hours earlier, and yet in the settings.php file it was still misspelled. 

So I updated the settings.php file via FTP. Now, I can log in to the front end of the forum, but no longer can I log into the admin area of the forum with my main admin credentials. It says that the username/pw combination is invalid.

There is a moderator login, which was provided with limited administrator access that logs in successfully to the admin area. 

I just tried logging in using a different browser and it worked. I had been on Chrome and had cleared browsing data since the beginning of time and quit and restarted, but it didn't take. I logged in with FireFox successfully. I then went back to Chrome and re-cleared the Browsing Data including passwords and it seemed to take one time. I then tried to log back in via Chrome and got the username/pw combination is invalid message. I can get into Firefox consistently for some reason. 

Any suggestions?

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