Not Solved How to install MyAlerts to mybb + how to fix myalerts not working with theme?
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(2016-03-22, 10:03 AM).m. Wrote: if you use ftp client like filezilla then
you can just select the plugin files at your computer and drop them to ftp window of your MyBB forum

here is the plugin files uploading method in different words !
basically plugin files are to be added to inc/plugins folder of MyBB files server.
if plugin consists of single php file then that is the simple method. but plugin might
consist of several files. in that case we have to follow folder structure of plugin files.
this can be confusing at sometimes as plugin coders may not follow unified method to
pack their plugin files. readme file if exists with plugin can consist of the instructions

if plugin files are located in a folder named Upload then its contents should be transferred
by following folder structure
. that Upload folder itself should not be transferred.

after adding the plugin files you have to visit admin panel >> configuration >> plugins
page to install & activate newly added plugin. then proceed to configuration >> settings
page to find the settings related to newly added plugin and setup the plugin settings.

youtube has some videos to help (you can search for MyBB plugins installation)

Thank you for a great plugin.  I've used it as a member of mybb Forums and it works very well.

I need some help in figuring out where the files with the red arrows below have to be copied to.  I'm OK with matching images, plugins, folder specific match ups but there are loose php files (marked with the red arrows) without a matching folder. Not sure where I should upload them to - to the root of public_html?


[Image: CPbZKDB.png]

Apologies. I've figured it out and it's also in the read-me file. The arrow php files go to the root of the domain. I successfully installed the plugin and works great.

Only challenge left is that the font of the theme is white as the theme has a dark background - so not sure how to make it black for the white thank you box. Do I add a font style to the thank you CSS file?

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