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1.8 Show captcha regardless of failed login
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Currently we have the option for 0, to disable the feature entirely or use 1 so after 1 failed login it displays the captcha.

I've seen some forums who've manually edited core to implement the feature, and it's worked. But it would be better if MyBB offered the option to display captcha on the login/registration page regardless whether or not the user failed a login. Ultimately will stop bruteforce, as bots only need one test, failed source/header found then there's no use of retries.

But with Google's ReCaptcha enabled there without failed logins will stop bruteforce entirely as it's impossible to bypass it and all users much authenticate themself whether or not they fail once already.


Consaholic (Professional php developer & ethical network exploiter)
I also support this and I am happy to send a Pull Request for this suggestion. I've already detailed what changes are required for this. Smile
Sorry for reviving the thread, but not in Number of failed logins before verification required it does not let me put -1, it tells me that it only allows numbers greater than 0

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