Not Solved Install MyBB on Linux 14.04 server
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Hey MyBB's community, I purchased a VDS from that's running Ubuntu 14.04, for the past 12 hours i've literally been trying to set up multiple things, and they all seemed to have set up okay with the exception of MyBB. Does anybody have a tutorial as to how to get mybb on there?

Apache2 and Mysql are completely set up, but I don't know where to upload the mybb ZIP to, neither do I know how to extract it.
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You should have /var/www/html folder and after installing Apache, you should have there a index.html file. Just delete it, it's only for checking that Apache is working.
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First, why did you buy VDS and not shared hosting ! since VDS also shares resources alike shared web-hosting.

If you're not comfortable/familiar with VDS you can ask provider to merge your account to other hosting services they got (Must be done 48 hours prior to purchase)

Well, on-topic:

You can also open support ticket on your VDS provider portal with your queries.

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