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I would like an additional column in the Forum Display Add where you can tell when the post / thread has been created. Another feature I might add then:

If the initial premium or the date is exceeded by 90 days, from the creation of the thread, so there should me a red font with e.g. "This thread is not active" appear, but this should last post stand out. That is, the last entry is dated 90 days as to the "error" will appear and before not.

Not Solved
FIrst of all, install Template Conditionals:

Then add this to the forumdisplay_thread template:
<?=my_date('relative', $thread['dateline'])?>
wherever you want the date to appear and:
<if TIME_NOW - $thread['lastpost'] > 24 * 3600 * 90 then><span style="color: red;">This thread is not active</span></if>
wherever you want the notice to appear.

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