best free hosting sites?
i havent found a decent free web host yet, i don't know if thats because there are none, but im just not sure lmao. anyone have recommendations on what the best free web host is?  Huh

cheers  Big Grin
I use altervista for my websites
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000webhosting was a decent one in free category. Don't know if it still exists.
FYI - There is no such freehosting / webhost in the world. Whoever claim's to provide free host got limitation's for bandwidth / space, no matter if they still say unlimited (its just a marketing hype). All the webhost who claims to provide free space are part of shared hosting and once you reach a certain amount of threshold value they will notify you of upgrading your account or suspend your account without any notice.

Other than above, there are many limitation's on free webhost. Many features are disabled. Only 40% uptime, timeout error, white screen of death on website, ton's more
I will suggest you getting a shared hosting if your can spend some amount, shared is really cheap and doesn't cost a lot per month.
Usually in 1-5$ you can get a shared hosting.
Try out x10hosting.

Not something I've had hands-on-experience with but you may find some good deals at
Here we go... This should be fun.

(2016-04-03, 05:06 AM)darkhk3r Wrote: Other than above, there are many limitation's on free webhost.

Yes, but not the ones you're thinking:

(2016-04-03, 05:06 AM)darkhk3r Wrote: Many features are disabled.

Yes, that's common on a lot of paid PHP configurations too. If you can get in touch with them (Like you can with us on Host 4 Post[!]) - You can get them to open up a module. Most modules should be enabled by default, but there again, a lot of free programs need a lot of different modules. It's just a thing with web hosting.


(2016-04-03, 05:06 AM)darkhk3r Wrote: Only 40% uptime

Not all of them.

(2016-04-03, 05:06 AM)darkhk3r Wrote: timeout error

Not all of them.

(2016-04-03, 05:06 AM)darkhk3r Wrote: white screen of death on website

PHP issue. Contact host. Next.

(2016-04-03, 05:06 AM)darkhk3r Wrote: ton's more

Are there actually tonnes more, or are you just trying to make yourself look good...?


(2016-04-03, 05:17 AM)Wage Wrote:

I would recommend this site. Perfect starting point.
may i suggest

iam even thinking about setting up my own site someday soon, oh..if only i had the motivation. Undecided
Sup bro
@ Butterball - Hi, that host is nice actually!, but why are they using wordpress with incorrect plugin configuration which adds "/?ckattempt=1" and they are using free domain from registry Toungue Smile

@ Ben Cousins - You a have of habit hating all my post's, so i don't got time to argue with such LQ/Low Life user like you, cheers to me Smile [this was my last reply towards you, i wont in future - good luck]

- Before anyone buy's any webhost, check their contact page for office address and phone number. Many low quality and shared webhost wont provide such details. It's a first stop for finding legal and professional business.

- Google about the webhost, forums, reviews etc

- (Optional) Don't rely on blog article's, not many but few blog authors are paid for publishing sugar coated reviews and advertise their webhosting company.

These day's any random guy starts his own webhost without proper knowledge , which makes the customer unhappy after purchase. Lot's of scam artist's these days :<
Meh, bugger it.

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