[How to Guide] How to make php mail to work
Most of the people are trying to get php mail to work
so i've posted this to help people who don't know how to get it to work 

1.You need to test (If your host support php mail)

So Download this file
.php   mail.php (Size: 313 bytes / Downloads: 136)   now edit that file replace the [email protected] with your email address
Now Upload that file into your server and run that file for an example (yourdomain.com/mail.php) then check your email
(If you can see a mail from your server then your host support php mail) if you don't receive any mail then it won't

2.For those who "Have their host supporting php mail and can't get it to work" (First of all you need to setup webmail some hosting providers like https://www.2freehosting.com/ have webmail (if your host have webmail supported then set it up) the mail should look like this ([email protected])

3.Setting up that mail to work (Go to Admin CP ----->Configuration---->Settings----->Site details  you'll see admin email
now paste that email over there "[email protected]"  and save the settings (There you go you've succesfully setted my php mail.

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