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Not Solved Importing existing users to forum causes db error
Not Solved
Hi all, thanks in advance for any help with this. I've just installed the forum and then added users from my website to it.

I installed the forums in the same DB as my existing website, so I just used a query to get the username, etc. from current users and then inserted them with a while loop into the appropriate forum tables.

This worked fine. All members are added.

What doesn't work now is trying to VIEW the mybb_users table via phpmyadmin. It throws a 500 internal server error.

After much googling and tinkering nothing was working to fix this so I decided to test something and created an identical table named mybb_userss (double s) and inserted the same members the same way into this new table.

I can view that one just fine! Everything is the same except the name of the table.
But, if I rename it to mybb_users (without the double s) I once again won't be able to view it without the error.

This is sort of driving me up the wall, if anyone has any ideas about what could be happening here I'd be super grateful.

Just in case anyone else stumbles upon this weird situation and has the same problem, I've been able to access the table just fine via WHM. This assumes you have access to Cpanel that way. If you don't you may need to check with your host.

Still can't load it up in the regular cpanel without an error. No clue why. But I won't be picky and will just do my edits via WHM cpanel instead.

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