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Solved: 7 Years, 1 Month, 2 Weeks ago Upgrading from 1.8.6 to 1.8.7 without losing hardcoded changes
Solved: 7 Years, 1 Month, 2 Weeks ago
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    No problem, just a question.
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    Upgrade from 1.8.6 to 1.8.7
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    Not rquired.
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    N/A.Hello,It's that time of year again and time to upgrade from 1.8.6 to 1.8.7 - our forums however have a few edits, some in php files, some in the html/css, etc. Those were necessary changes that couldn't be made via plugins.I'm wondering, is there an easy way to update without losing these changing and having to apply them manually again?If not, is there an easy way to get a list of all files that have been changed from default 1.8.6, so when we update to 1.8.7 we're sure we didn't forget to add back any of the changes we made?Thank you for your help!
Solved: 7 Years, 1 Month, 2 Weeks ago
you can run file verification tool & find the changed files of MyBB 1.8.6
download those files, compare with original files, note the changes
run the upgrade [remember to backup database] , reapply the changes ..

no need to worry about changes in the templates - they are not wiped out during the upgrade

its better to try using Patches plugin for making changes in the MyBB source files ..
Solved: 7 Years, 1 Month, 2 Weeks ago
Hi .m.,

Thank you for your response. I'll look into Patches plugin for the future.

For now, however, you mention "compare with original files" - one by one manually? Is there a tool that will do that?

Additionally, where do you find the file verification tool and find the changed files for MyBB 1.8.6? Did you mean the changed files for 1.8.7?

Thank you again.
Solved: 7 Years, 1 Month, 2 Weeks ago
file verification tool is available at tools & maintenance section of forum admin panel.
suggestion is to run it for your current version of MyBB to find the changed files.

MyBB 1.8.6 original files pack available here => mybb_1806.zip

files can be compared by using a software utility (eg. winmerge for windows OS)
Solved: 7 Years, 1 Month, 2 Weeks ago
Understood, thank you for your detailed answer, I appreciate it.

Hi .m.,

Just to confirm, it turns out not so many of our files are changed but they all do look familiar and like files we've modified for whatever purposes;

[Image: t6cBTqTLkOi2C0A.png]

Can you confirm that once we update to 1.8.7 (or whenever we upgrade from one MyBB version to another), the only files that could be changed are the ones that show up in File Verification? It's not likely that other files will get modified by the update?

In brief, the only files we'll have to worry about are the ones displayed in File Verification when proceeding with an update?

Thank you!
Solved: 7 Years, 1 Month, 2 Weeks ago
^ yes, you have to take care of the changed files shown at files verification (before doing upgrade to next version)

in general, functions.php file is modified by Google SEO plugin
other files might have been manually edited for some purpose ..
Solved: 7 Years, 1 Month, 2 Weeks ago
Thank you for your attentive assistance, I really appreciate it!

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