$10 (limited) - [MyBB] Username Changes - Holding and Restrictions
Username Changes is a MyBB plugin that limits your users to a certain amount of username changes per month:
[Image: umercv.png]

and puts their previous usernames on hold for a month (so that they don't lose their name if they want to change their name temporarily):
[Image: owgttb.png]

Username History functionality is included:
[Image: ffoytv.png]
[Image: oxjnit.png]

Every feature is configurable and it's possible to disable functionality for each usergroup; or remove limitations for usergroups:

[Image: zjsaxd.png]
[Image: ehvqid.png]

More great things:
  • Clean and well written code.
  • No hard coded HTML - Everything has its own template.
  • Lifetime Support & Updates
  • Vigorously tested on one of my own communities.
Purchasing not only gives you the plugin, but lifetime support for bug fixes and installation.

The price of this plugin is $15, but with the coupon LIMITED,  for a limited time, you can buy this plugin for under $10.

(or PM me to negotiate purchasing via PayPal)
Seems pretty solid, I especially like the idea of it reserving the username for a month. Though perhaps you could add a setting for administrators to change how long the username is reserved? All-in-all, pretty good plugin though, vouch.
This is actually a pretty solid plugin, good job Smile. If I had an active MyBB install I'd probably buy this.

I really like the whole name reservation system, not seen that implemented in a forum before so good idea.

Wish you the best with sales.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I have 0.00513000 in my btc could you hook it up? PM me to talk more!

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