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image proxy for https
We will be providing two options:
  • Non-HTTPS images/videos/whatever will not be embedded and will instead be shown as links
  • The ability to use a Camo server to proxy images if you have one set up (more involved, and might not fit all situations)

When HTTPS is used we'll also use secure cookies.
Consider the approach that Cloudflare took.

Have a setting for the HTTPS (disabled, allow-mixed, and forced).

When using HTTPS it's easy enough to make all links with // for changes instead of the old required HTTP or HTTPS. If you just use // for example it will automatically work for either.

For proxy settings. Unsure what a Camo server is. Appears to be a Github project for proxy image hosting. I think if you just setup an option for CURL (fetch_remote_file function) to use a SSH tunnel proxy that's all you'll need.

You say a Camo server is "more involved, and might not fit all situations" but setting up SSH tunnels are incredible easy and relatively cheap.

Again, if the team has questions about my own implementations just PM me.

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