Not Solved Install Script Thinks I'm on A Older Version
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I recently just noticed the update to MyBB and decided to update ASAP. I had forgotten the process but I checked the blog post and went through the Upgrade documentation. I followed the instructions up until the point of using the .domain/install page to push the update.

For some strange reason, the install page thinks I'm running on an older version of MyBB than what the site is actually on. 

Here's a picture of what the dashboard says:
[Image: mybbdashboard.png]

And the install page claims:
[Image: mybbinstallscreen.png]

This left me scratching my head and I'm definitely not going to risk "updating" if it thinks I'm running an older version.
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assuming that you have followed all steps of upgrading
run file verification tool available at tools & maintenance section of forum admin panel.
what does it report ?
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When I ran the tool I got this long list of results:

File	Status
secpanel/inc/class_table.php	Changed
secpanel/inc/functions_themes.php	Changed
secpanel/inc/functions.php	Changed
secpanel/inc/class_page.php	Changed
secpanel/inc/functions_view_manager.php	Changed
secpanel/inc/class_form.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/user/module_meta.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/user/group_promotions.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/user/groups.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/user/users.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/user/banning.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/style/module_meta.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/style/templates.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/forum/module_meta.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/forum/attachments.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/forum/management.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/forum/announcements.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/home/module_meta.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/home/credits.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/home/preferences.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/config/thread_prefixes.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/config/module_meta.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/config/plugins.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/config/profile_fields.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/config/post_icons.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/config/calendars.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/config/smilies.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/config/mycode.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/config/help_documents.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/tools/module_meta.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/tools/recount_rebuild.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/tools/adminlog.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/tools/backupdb.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/tools/mailerrors.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/tools/statistics.php	Changed
secpanel/modules/tools/tasks.php	Changed
EDIT: There does exist the possibility that the last update (1.8.6) was improperly done or applied. I definitely would not rule that out. In such a case, what could be done to upgrade to 1.8.7 without losing data?
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looks like you forgot that you have renamed admin folder
and upgrade related files were copied to old admin folder !
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Whoops! What a mess up on my part.. What exactly could I do to fix this though?
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find files & sub-folders uploaded to ~/admin folder and move them to your renamed admin folder

if above doesn't help then you may PM me temporary access to your forum admin panel & files (FTP) to check
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Pm'ed, thanks for all your help!

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