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(2016-05-26, 04:47 AM)Donald_Duck Wrote:
(2016-05-25, 01:57 PM)palhanow Wrote: Hey! Nice service...

I have one logo made by my sister, but... Always looking for something more.

What do you think? http://politz.com.br and http://politz.com.br/forum

I use the logo for both places, website and forum.

I dont know if i like this megaphone, my main theme is politics, discussion, solutions, democracy, civism and that kind of stuff. Not a "revolution" like this megaphone are saying.

Both are nice and pass my hello to your sister.

Well, this look's much better: [Image: logoforum.png]

Oh thanks! Did you like it? My website/forum can look cool with this logo? Smile

I will send your hello! She is a designer and works with marketing stuff (and i'm a lawyer, i don't understand nothing about designing, colors and this...) LOL...
(2016-05-27, 07:37 AM)Wazzyl Wrote: I have a request aswell,

i want a logo for my hosting template, im going to start hosting soon for web hosting, email hosting, merchandise, custom forum designs only i want the flag of my village inside the logo BHZ Hosting

My village is from the netherlands and this bird you can see everywhere around in nature at my village that's why we have this logo, i dont know if there is a english wiki about biddinghuizen

and this is the image: [Image: biddinghuizen.gif]

can you maybe make the logo transparant, the bird would be cool on the B, be creative love your work to see!

if you like to see the hosting template http://warhood.com/hosting

I want to be creative, will you please tell me name of the bird ?
Wonderful village :-) i wish to live at such place ...
I want to request a logo I need must say Sc4defined on it size must be 300 x 56 something simple and easy color I want is blue here an example of how I want it http://prntscr.com/b9vdkm I am not sure if I am suppose to pm you for the logo to be made so I just added it here you can pm me the logo when it's finished if you wish too thanks.
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